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Baby pendant cot - Gray

$169.4 $ 99
SKU : es-124263816 Category : Baby Nests

The hanging crib is ideal to reconcile the relaxing effect of the swing with a
safe and deep sleep, of our little ones.
This is a solution that not only supports the intellectual and emotional
development of a child, but also exceptionally presents itself in any interior,
while providing a moment of rest for parents.

Rocking is a silent, regular movement that babies associate with prenatal
activity. That is why it has a calming effect on the well-being of the child
and its correct development. Thanks to the harmonious rocking, the baby
acquires a greater awareness of his body and his senses. It strengthens
muscles, coordinates movements and acquires faster motor skills responsible for
the sense of balance.

The crib has extreme security so by placing your baby in it you can rest
assured. High-quality natural materials create a friendly, warm and pleasant
environment for every baby. This product is taken care of to the smallest
detail, fixing on the ceiling and providing a unique aesthetic both in the
child's room and in the living room.

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Brand SerraTextil