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Baby Sensory Blanket - Crinkle, Teether, Lovey, Comforter, Stroller toy, Binky Holder, Binky Blanket, Pacifier Lovey

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Alice & Friends-pink
Queen of Hearts-grey
SKU : es-930399476 Category : Baby Nests

•Perfect for baby’s sensory needs, cuddling comfort. Great for babies to hold,
keeps them occupied, used for soothing and stimulation.

• Attached ribbons are chosen from various colors and textures for baby to
explore different touch and visual stimulation.

• In addition to the ribbons, one 100% cotton twill with snap is added to hold
a natural wooden teething ring. You can remove the ring to switch out for a
pacifier if necessary.

•The wooden ring is made of natural wood, non-toxic, no varnish and no paint
on them so safe for chewing.

• Backing fabric is pink fawn minky for "Alice and Friends" OR grey swirl for
"Alice & Queen of Hearts".

•The ring’s outer diameter is appx 2.8 inch and thickness is approx. 0.4
inches. It fits in the baby’s mouth yet too big to swallow. The thickness is
just right for baby to hold it.

• Blanket dimensions are Appx 10”x 10” - Just the right size for baby to hold
on to.

• Each one is handmade by me so ribbon selections and dimensions are slightly
different on each one.

• Available in 2 types: (1) Alice and Friends with Pink Fawn backing
(2) Alice & Queen of Hearts with Grey swirl backing

• Hand wash and hang dry is recommended although it is machine washable with
gentle cycle in laundry net & tumble dry

• Materials have been prewashed to remove any extra dyes and chemicals and to
avoid possible shrinkage. My

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