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Chunky Knit blanket Chunky throw Wool blanket 100 % merino wool Giant Throw super big bulky knitted blanket Home decor Unique Gift for him

$10.92 $ 9.9
White 1
Off-white 2
Dirty yellow 3
Yellow 4
Optimal 30x50 inches
Queen Size 66x80 inches
King size 86x86 inches
Small Singe 30x75 inches
Twin size 40x75 inches
Twin extra long40x80 inches
Small Double 48x75 inches
Expanded Queen 70x85 inches
Double ext long54x80 inches
Baby 23x28 inches
47x71 inches
35x60 inches
35x79 inches
63x71 inches
63x79 inches
55x78 inches
40x60 inches
60x80 inches
50x60 inches
80x100 inches
100x100 inches
SAMPLE 10x10 inches
SKU : es-546448717 Category : Throws

Buying this item you will get CHUNKY BLANKET

Made from 100 % merino wool

Please choose chunky blanket color and size on drop down menu.
Super chunky blanket.
We are wholesalers so we can make the best prices. You do not need to pay much
and you get really high quality product.

How is awesome to get amazing thing for your home across the ocean from small
country named Lithuania. Lithuania is very beautiful, we have Baltic sea, here
lives 3 million people. And one of them is making blanket for you! Far far away
like on a fairy-tale.

You can find merino wool in our shop and try to do it by yourself.


Award for best home decor on 2017

Pink blanket in the pictures is - Pale pink 10
White blanket - White 01
Gray blanket - Light grey 43

Shipping time to Europe - 7-14 business days
Shipping time to China/Japan - 7-14 business days
Shipping time to US/Canada/Australia - 14-30 business days

Please keep in mind that this is gentle product, made from natural material
and in the beginning it can shed little bit, but only until wool sets up. Wool
is very good for our health. It is not just warm product but also wool makes
micro massage to our body and in this is very good for blood pressure.


*dry clean only
* 100% pure merino wool will shrink from water
*for big stains you can use only few drops of water and clean it by hands
*you can aerate blankets outside

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer in one

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