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Cocoon nest for newborn Soft OMK "bunnies", Babynest, Baby nest, Baby cocoon, Baby's nest

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Cocoon is a cozy place for a newborn. Thanks to the limited space, the baby
feels protected and sleeps better.
The premium cocoons of the Soft OMK series are incredibly comfortable and
soft. They are designed for a cozy and sound sleep of the baby, as well as fun
games during wakefulness.

Cocoon Charms:

- Fully removable cover that washes easily in the washing machine and dries

- The cocoon comes with a waterproof mattress cover, which makes the cocoon
even more convenient to use. The mattress will always be dry and clean. And the
cover can be washed in the washing machine and used an unlimited number of

- The side of the cocoon can be used separately, for example as a protective
roller in the crib.

Fabrics and fillers:

In the sewing of the cocoon used satin (100% natural cotton) of premium
quality. It is smooth and soft to the touch. This fabric is great for contact
with the delicate skin of the baby.

In the side there is a hypoallergenic filler synthepuh.

Products of TM Oh My Kids have the conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological
expertise on compliance with state quality standards.


The cocoon has a removable mattress.

You can choose foam or coconut.

Mattresses are hard: foam is softer, coconut is harder.


The cocoon is packed in a branded bag and is ready to become a gift for a
newborn baby.

Baby Nest:
Sleeping area: 25x65 cm / 10x26"
External area: 52 x 82 cm / 20x32"
Age: 0-12 months

✔ Care:
Before washing, it is necessary to remove the cover from the cocoon and pull
out the mattress. The cover can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate
washing mode, with minimal centrifuge revolutions and a temperature of 30-40
degrees. With the same parameters, you can wash the waterproof cover on the
mattress, which comes with the cocoon.
Separately, the side of the cocoon, if necessary, can also be washed in a
washing machine at the parameters specified above.

✔ DELIVERY TIME (approximately)
Europe – usually takes 7-14 days.
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - 7-20 days.

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