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HAND KNITTED 100% MERINO Wool Blanket Chunky Blanket cozy wool Blanket

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It's a beautiful hand knitted chunky blanked, made of 100% Spanish Merino wool,
light pink

Size 48 x 64 inch / 120 x 160cm/

Made with love & cheerfulness

Merino wool is a very luxury material – it works antibacterial and
hypoallergenic and is recommended for every age group

it helps very well in case of: rheumatism, headache, toothache or any other
inflammations in the body. Its good against any case of pain because it helps
to regulate the body temperature and draws out the inflammations of the body.

- use it just for yourself and enjoy the chunky blanket while doing something
for your health and recreation

cleaning and treatment:

Please don't leave the blanket too long on pure sonny places – wool doesn't
like it

do NOT wash it, clean only DRY

it's enough to ventilate it from time to time, shake it at fresh air and it
wil became as good as new again


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