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Handmade Merino Wool Legeuse Bebe Pattern

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lapin coquelicot
renard et lune
animaux forêt
0-6 mois (70 cm) cm
6-24 mois (90cm) cm
24-36 (110 cm) cm
SKU : es-997726284 Category : Baby Nests

Give your baby a beautiful cotton fabric with almost unique patterns!!
Dabbling, hand-crafted turbulette made of Merino wool and eucalyptus fiber
fabric on the skin side.

Three sizes available: 0 to 6 months (70 cm), 6 to 24 months (90cm), 24 to 36
months (110cm)
Merino wool padding: Merino cotton wool for quilting 150gr/m2 to ensure
comfort and natural warmth for baby.
Skin-sided eucalyptus fiber fabric to ensure maximum softness and keep baby
In outer fabric, we offer:

Oeko tex cotton exterior in five patterns: Small glob-troteur, poppy rabbit,
forest animals, fox and moon and floral bouquet.
Make your choice.

Minki fabric (soft fabric),

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