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Lovey: Whale Pods. Lovey. Whale Lovey. Ocean Lovey. Blue Lovey. Lovie. Baby Lovey. Lovie. Minky Lovey. Whale Lovie. Lovey for Babies.

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ivory llama
ivory cuddle
latte llama
champagne cuddle
white llama
white cuddle
silver llama
silver cuddle
shell cuddle
ballet llama
ballet cuddle
elderberry cuddle
brownie calf cuddle
penny calf cuddle
black calf cuddle
tinsel calf cuddle
fox cuddle
fawn cuddle
stone cuddle
ocelot cuddle
arctic lynx cuddle
snowy owl cuddle
mallard cuddle
blue cuddle
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TIPS : how to get the most out of your lovey!

1. When you first get your lovey home, sleep with it in your own bed for 1-2
nights to transfer your scent before giving it to your little one. Near your
pillow is best! To fast track this process, put the lovey inside your shirt and
walk around with it for the day.

2. Put the lovey between you and your baby when you bottle feed or nurse. This
helps them associate the lovey with an already comforting time.

3. Practice helping your baby find the satin ribbon on their lovey. Babies
like to rub the ribbon on their lips or between their fingers to calm
themselves quickly.

4. Play peek-a-boo with your baby using the lovey.

5. Consider getting a backup if your baby loves their lovey! One for home, one
for daycare, one for the car, one for when it falls out of the bike trailer on
your family bike ride. We've heard it all!


What exactly is a lovey? A lovey is baby magic. It's a mini blanket with soft
textures introduced to babies to help create a quick sense of calm and
security. It's especially useful in secondary environments, like the carseat,
stroller, at daycare, in the NICU, or grandma's house. Its appearance signals a
time for calm and rest. I've seen my own babies pick theirs up and go into a
little trance. Magic! The satin ribbon and soft fur on the back give them
something to do with their hands, and its small size makes it more portable for
them--you'll notice it's easier for them to love on a lovey vs. a full size





What are the differences between the llama and cuddle backings?

CUDDLE is the silkiest of our backings, and the lightest-weight. It has a very
subtle wavy texture, and it’s suuuuuuper soft. Machine wash cold water, regular
cycle, no fabric softener. Air dry.

LLAMA is the favorite with babies who love to fiddle–they're obsessed with the
texture! It’s about twice as thick as our cuddle options. Machine wash cold
water, regular cycle, no fabric softener. Air dry.

♥ Which is my favorite? Definitely cuddle!
♥ Why air dry? High heat can melt both the cuddle and llama if you’re not
super careful. And even low heat over time has a tendency to change the
texture. Throwing your lovey or blanket over the back of a chair, hanger, or
shower curtain rod keeps it softer for longer and takes about an hour to dry!

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