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Made to Order SOLID COLORS Baby/Crib Duvet Comforter Cover 100% Cotton with full ZIPPER. These match our prints.

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Prism Pink
Powder Blue
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This choice is called SOLID COLORS. All solid colors that we currently offer
are shown in this listing. If you need a different color, please advise. Make
sure to check our other ETSY listings to see what prints we offer that match

The second picture shows how your duvet will look inside a crib.
Third picture is close-up of the zipper. The last picture shows inside seam
For more photos of the full zipper construction, click on a different listing,
this one is maxed out.

Let’s talk vocabulary. A comforter, also known as an insert, or a down bed,
goes inside a cover. Comforters can be used alone but most often are not. Best
to have a cover for cleanliness, selection, durability, comfort and softness. A
cover is also substituted for a top sheet and there is really no need to use a
top sheet, as it interferes with the purposes of using a duvet.

A duvet is the cover. This is actually a European custom, recently popularized
in USA, and given various names, such as duvet, cover, comforter cover, etc.
The word duvet means an envelope type bedding item used to hold a blanket or
comforter. They always have an opening in the bottom area with buttons or a

If you want maximum warmth and comfort for your child, you will get a down
comforter. Polyesters are not warm, they are heavy and bulky. Try to get all
down, without feathers, as the quills will come out. Feathers increase the
weight and sometimes cause allergic reactions. It is legal in the USA to sell
down comforters that contain up to 25% feathers, which is unacceptable, in my
opinion. 10% feathers is the maximum as this amount will not normally be a
problem. Still, it is best to choose 100% white goose down if you can. Check
the label.

If you need the down comforter part, Amazon has a couple which are very good
and well made. They offer two different weights for cribs. I have purchased
both and highly recommend for quality and price. The difference is in the
amount of down. The more down, the warmer the bed will be. If you live in a
very warm climate, or if your child doesn’t want too much heat, the lighter
weight one will be fine.

Comforters purchased as bedspreads for decorating purposes should not be used
for sleeping, they are not comfortable because they are heavy and bulky.

Over the years, I have perfected the sewing of duvets, using sheets and custom
fabrics for a variety of ages and sizes, and I have always used zippers. A few
years ago, when my grandchildren started to arrive, my daughters requested them
and I have been making and selling these on Etsy since.

What I am selling are the duvets ONLY.

Finished measurements are 39” wide x 46” long, or per your instructions. This
is the best size for a down comforter/insert that is 41” wide x 48” long, as
you want your cover 2” smaller all around than the comforter. This fit assures
that no loose fabric will hang off the sides and ends. Having a properly fitted
cover keeps the comforter in place where it belongs and eliminates the need for
any “ties” and other nonsense that is not needed. Trust me on this!

These are 100% cotton flannel which is ideal for toddlers, no matter the
climate. So soft and snuggly. Flannel will not be too warm in the summer
because it “breathes”, unlike polyesters and other fibers.

All duvets are made with a beautifully sewn-in zipper which runs all along the
bottom edge and is pretty much invisible. This eliminates the pain of buttons
and buttonholes, making it simple to change the cover.

You will not find any raw edges on the inside, nor will there be any loose or
extra threads. All seams are finished neatly, which prevents fraying and loss
of seam allowance.

Please measure your comforter and send a note with your order letting me know
the EXACT size of your comforter. Check the label for your size if available. I
will confirm the details via Etsy messages to make sure you receive one that
fits your comforter PERFECTLY.

If you need a different size, or if you want to supply your own fabric, please
click on the tab to request a custom order. Don’t hesitate to make inquiries.

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