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Minky Blanket - Mar Bella - Cuddle Valencia - Double Sided Minky

$41.45 $ 29.02
Smooth Cuddle Minky
Dimple Dot Minky
30x36 (Baby) inches
Satin Trim 30x36 inches
40x50 (Toddler) inches
Satin Trim 40x50 inches
50x60 (Teen/Afghan) inches
SKU : es-234859675 Category : Quilts

Gorgeous Ibiza Cuddle Violeta minky fabric with coordinating dimple dot minky
(photos 1 & 3) or smooth cuddle 3 minky (photos 2, 4 & 5) minky. This
double-sided minky blanket can be ordered in various sizes. Satin trim can also
be added to this blanket.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the satin trim--In the "notes to the seller",
please state if you prefer the satin trim to be ruffled or flat, and the color
to be gray or white.

The 30x36 variation is made for the baby princess and perfect for:
~ the car seat
~ the stroller
~ the crib
~ a growing child
~ a very nice gift
The 40x50 size variation is perfect for that sweet toddler princess and will
become her favorite-napping or awake.
The teen/afghan size (50x60) is perfect for the young and older princesses
among us who would love to snuggle with a blanket while reading or watching TV.

Laundering-wash on cool or warm setting-dry on low or medium setting-NO fabric
softener or dryer sheets-no iron.

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