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Topponcino Montessori + 1 Pillowcase

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SKU : es-870469818 Category : Baby Nests

The Montessori topponcino is a safety mat for babies.

Created by Maria Montessori, it can be used from their first days of life. It
has important welfare purposes for both the newborn and the parents.

It helps to protect the child from the sharp movements he may have, not
controlling the movement of the head.

It gives security to those who take it in their arms (whether they are the
parents themselves, little brother or sister, relatives or various friends) as
it allows good support to the head and offers greater support surface.

It respects the movements of the newborn by adapting to his little body,
creating a sweet, protective and enveloping environment like that of the womb.

It guarantees a surface that is always clean and a constant temperature
regardless of who has it in your arms.

It is convenient to move the newborn from one place to another without
disturbing him when he has fallen asleep.

It is very comfortable and also ideal for breastfeeding, where both the baby
and the mother can have optimal postures in this important moment.

The topponcino can be used from the first days of life up to about three, four
months and therefore goes well with our Montessori Rides that you can always
find in our online store "salottodellemamme" on Etsy.

The padding of the mattress can be chosen between natural cotton wadding or
synthetic wadding.
In both cases the topponcino is covered with soft pure cotton fabric.
It is removable and washable, with a coating pillowcase of a color of your
choice (choose your favorite color among our 3 ads Love, Tone and Nature)
Any second pillowcase of different colors can be purchased in our ads.

We make it by hand in Italy.

By purchasing multiple items together you can save on shipping costs.


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